Polygraph Testing for Infidelity: So, What if You Fail?

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Polygraph Testing For Infidelity

Recently I gave an infidelity polygraph exam to someone who failed. I felt awful. I listened to my client for over an hour while they revealed the most intimate details of their relationship. I was genuinely interested in the history of the relationship and how the history brought forth distrust. I could feel the sincere need of my client to prove progress with trustworthiness. As I listened, I had a heightened awareness just how important their polygraph exam results would be for their relationship. If they passed, would distrust melt away? Would both exhale and move forward?  If they failed, would their relationship continue? Would they break-up after almost 12 years together?  

Reviewing The Infidelity Polygraph Exam Results

I rarely give infidelity polygraph exam results to the client at the end of the exam. We talk briefly about the exam and how they feel. When it appears the exam score is a fail, I always submit the results to another examiner for purposes of quality control. Having another examiner review the results is critical for such an important and impactful test. Typically, the results are e-mailed to the client later in the day. 

Why I Want My Client To Pass The Polygraph Example

When my quality control examiner agreed that my client failed the exam, I too felt I had failed. I realized that I had subconsciously hoped my client was truthful. I am human. I genuinely liked my client. I wanted my client to pass. When I disclosed to the other examiner that I felt I had let my client down, I was reminded that physical reactions do not lie. I simply interpret the physical reactions of a person to a set of questions. The test results are not mine but that of the client. I was also told to keep in mind the exam gives BOTH partners in the relationship clarity. My client’s partner how has clarity. 

What Is My Part In the Infidelity Polygraph Exam?

My job is to bring clarity to relationships. Providing an accurate and  professional polygraph exam does not always come with a happy ending; it may however, come with a new beginning.

Polygraph Testing For Infidelity: How Can I Help You?

If you would like to learn more about how an infidelity polygraph exam can bring clarity to your relationship, call Carole at 619-821-5447 or email us at carole@socalpropolygraph.com.

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