About SoCal Professional Polygraph

Carole C. Fegley, Esq.

I founded SoCal Professional Polygraph, Inc. to provide the utmost professional polygraph services with state-of-the-art examination techniques and equipment. I conduct all polygraph interviews and examinations without judgment and in accordance with The American Polygraph Association (APA), The National Polygraph Association (NPA), The California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE), and The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB). I am committed to the high standards set forth in these organizations and I stay current on all California laws pertaining to polygraph use and admissibility.

My practice allows for a wide variety of polygraph uses but I particularly enjoy administering Infidelity and PCSOT (Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing) examinations. Although some polygraph examiners avoid Infidelity Testing, I find them to be extremely helpful to the couple and therefore very satisfying for me as an examiner. I feel best when I am able to bring clarity to a relationship through the use of polygraph. I enjoy working in partnership with a couple and their therapist but I also support the use of polygraph as a stand-alone tool for couples to evaluate the state of their relationship.

Whether it is an Infidelity test or PCSOT, both require disclosure of sensitive and private information. All discussions and examinations are confidential. PCSOT testing demands difficult conversations about sensitive topics with intimate and graphic detail. Long-held secrets are disclosed and reported. I have never shied away from difficult conversions and believe my strength lies in my present engagement with each client. My role as a PCSOT polygraph examiner is to work in conjunction with the examinee, their therapist, and parole or probation officer to satisfy the requirements of the California Containment Model. I do this from a neutral position as part of the Containment Team and am proud to be a collaborative part of California’s efforts to make it possible for a complying sex offender on parole or probation to live un-incarcerated while protecting my community.

I have not always been a polygraph examiner. I started my professional career as a Parole & Probation Officer in the State of Nevada. I moved to California in 1984, graduated from California Western School of Law, and began a career as a civil defense lawyer specializing in construction-defect litigation. After working for a large insurance defense firm and as in-house trial counsel for a large insurance company, I started my own law practice specializing in construction-defect litigation. I have always been investigative and enjoyed interviewing and deposing witnesses and working closely with experts. I participated in numerous mediations and tried several lengthy trials. I am comfortable in the courtroom either as trial counsel or testifying witness.

After taking time off to raise a family, I broadened my career and graduated from the polygraph department of The Vollmer Institute and the Marston Polygraph Academy for Post-Conviction Sex Offender Training. I have subsequently taught Polygraph Law at both schools which are accredited by the American Polygraph Association, the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, and Approved by the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

I enjoy being a polygraph examiner and am ready to provide those services to you.

Ms. Fegley, polygraph examiner