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Infidelity Testing

Infidelity polygraph examinations are conducted more often than you might think and for reasons you may not have considered.
Couples in therapy are often encouraged by their therapist to use polygraph as a tool to illuminate past indiscretions and disclose them to their partner. Dumping all the held secrets and lies to your partner and then backing up the disclosure with a polygraph exam is a powerful gift to give someone you love and want to keep. Once the relationship slate is clean, follow-up examinations can prove helpful for both partners. SoCal Professional Polygraph, Inc. is proud to partner with couples and their relationship counselors and therapists to guide the relationship back to one of trust.
Sometimes, taking a polygraph examination is helpful if you have a jealous partner. Are you tired of being accused of cheating and living in a shroud of suspicion? Prolonged accusations can erode even happy relationships. Present your partner with the proof they need to calm their jealous thoughts.
Cheating on a sexual partner is not the only issue that can damage a relationship. A polygraph examination can discover unwanted behavior such as gambling, pornography addiction or relationship fraud. Relationship fraud for financial gain has unfortunately become a significant problem, particularly for those using dating apps.
If you need clarity in your relationship, SoCal Professional Polygraph, Inc. will listen to your situation without judgment and provide you with the utmost professional and confidential polygraph services.


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Pre-Employment and Security Screening

SoCal Professional Polygraph, Inc. provides pre-employment screening examinations for law enforcement and other governmental agencies as well as security companies and other high-security facilities. We assist agencies in the background investigative process by verifying the information submitted by an applicant and determining whether any of the provided information is false, misleading or missing.
Similar to Law Enforcement Pre-employment Testing, SoCal Professional Polygraph, Inc. provides pre-employment/screening examinations for businesses whose primary purpose consists of providing armored car personnel, personnel involved in the design of secure facilities and the security personnel of facilities which have a significant impact on the health or safety of any state. Examples of these facilities would be Alarm Companies, Security Services and companies that manufacture, distribute or dispense controlled substances. 

SoCal Professional Polygraph, Inc. conducts all interviews and exams in accordance with the American Disabilities Act and Employees Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.

Evidentiary Exams

Criminal Investigation

The use of the polygraph exam during criminal investigations is invaluable. Leads that may take weeks or months to discover can be revealed almost immediately. SoCal Professional Polygraph Inc. provides polygraph exams to assist law enforcement during suspect interviews and investigations. Polygraph exams focused specifically on a single alleged issue of criminal behavior reach 98% reliability. 1 Polygraph exams can be particularly useful in determining the scope of knowledge of co-defendants and witnesses. Should a co-defendant or witness agree to a polygraph exam, a determination can be made whether or not they know who committed the crime and who else may have been involved.
Helpful for criminal defense lawyers, passing a single issue polygraph exam may result in the prosecutor dropping or reducing your client’s charges. Presenting a non-deceptive polygraph to the District Attorney’s office prior to arrest may prevent charges from being filed altogether. Additionally, a passing polygraph carries a lot of weight when negotiating a plea bargain for your client. Naturally, should your client’s polygraph results prove unfavorable, all reference and results of the exam are considered attorney work product and therefore undiscoverable.
For the purposes of law enforcement interviews and investigations only, SoCal Professional Polygraph Inc. is available 24 hours a day.
1 National Criminal Justice Reference Service, 131528; Validity and Reliability of Polygraph Decisions in real Cases; Polygraph Volume: 19 Issue:3 (1990)

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Civil Law Issues

Using Polygraph early on in civil proceedings may remove the need for protracted litigation. Parties that stipulate to the use of polygraph for one or more issues in a civil matter can streamline the litigation process or eliminate it altogether. Remember, the use of the polygraph exam results can be shared with all parties but the mention or results of a polygraph exam are not admissible in California courts unless otherwise stipulated.
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Employee Theft

We offer private employee polygraph testing pursuant to the conditions of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988. Any employer who suffers an economic loss potentially relating to employee theft may ask an employee to take a polygraph exam to attempt to resolve the issue. Before an employee is asked to take a polygraph exam, the employer must fully comply with the rules and regulations of the EPPA.
Read EPPA ExplanationOnce it is established all EPPA conditions have been met, Ms. Fegley will meet with the employer to design precisely targeted questions for the exam. More about the EPPA.