Polygraph Tests For Law Enforcement & Government Agencies

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Pre-Employment Testing

SoCal Professional Polygraph provides pre-employment/screening examinations for law enforcement and other governmental agencies. We assist agencies in the background investigative process by verifying the information submitted by an applicant and determining whether or not any of the provided information is false, misleading or missing. We use the LEPET (Law Enforcement Pre Employment Testing) format unless instructed by the agency otherwise. 
SoCal Professional Polygraph conducts all interviews and exams in accordance with the American Disabilities Act and the Employees Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.
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Investigations and Interviewing Exams

The use of the polygraph exam during criminal investigations is invaluable. Leads that may take weeks or months to discover can be revealed almost immediately. SoCal Professional Polygraph provides polygraph exams to assist law enforcement during suspect interviews and investigations. Polygraph exams focused specifically on a single alleged issue of criminal behavior reach 98% reliability. 1 Polygraph exams can be particularly useful in determining the scope of knowledge of co-defendants and witnesses. Should a co-defendant or witness agree to a polygraph exam, a determination can be made whether or not they know who committed the crime and who else may have been involved.
For the purposes of law enforcement interviews and investigations only, SoCal Professional Polygraph is available 24 hours a day.
1 National Criminal Justice Reference Service, 131528; Validity and Reliability of Polygraph Decisions in real Cases; Polygraph Volume: 19 Issue:3 (1990)
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Immigration and Asylum Issues

Polygraph testing of individuals seeking asylum are used to determine the validity of the claims of the petitioner in federal courts in immigration cases. The statements of the petitioner requesting asylum can be verified by a polygraph examination. The results of the examination can assist the asylum officer and/or immigration judge in making an informed decision regarding granting or withholding asylum.

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