Get Off My Back: How a Polygraph Exam Is the Quickest Way to Regain Trust

man viewing polygraph machine results

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When I was a teenager, my mother would always ask me:

  • where I was going, 
  • who I was going with 
  • how was I getting home

My response usually was: WHY DON’T YOU TRUST ME?  

Truth is, she had reason to ask. Most of the time I was where I was supposed to be, and with the people, I was supposed to be with…but not always. Like many teenagers, I broke the rules, and when I did, it made my mother more suspicious of my behavior. I remember thinking “if I’m going to be accused of something, I might as well do it.”

Wanting someone off your back is frustrating for everyone, not just teenagers. It can feel suffocating to live under the scrutiny of having your behavior monitored. 

This level of distrust can be the result of a variety of factors, from past relationship trauma to unresolved transgressions, or maybe just simple paranoia. Regardless of repeated admissions, apologies or promises, simple communication, your efforts may not be enough to squelch distrust — and once the seed of suspicion is planted, it is sure to grow. 

How To Regain Trust Quickly: A Polygraph Exam

It does not feel good to have your integrity questioned. You may have been accused of doing something you have not done, or are trying to redeem your trustworthiness after committing a transgression. A polygraph exam is a shortest and quickest way to clear the air. It shouldn’t have to take years of apologies, arguments, and counseling to gain back trust when a polygraph exam can help you get your partner OFF YOUR BACK in a matter of hours. This level of clarity can give your relationship the space it needs to move forward without suspicion and barriers. 

How Do I Arrange A Polygraph Exam?

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