Polygraph Tests For Corporations & Businesses

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Employee Testing

We offer private employee polygraph testing pursuant to the conditions of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988. Any employer who suffers an economic loss potentially relating to employee theft may ask an employee to take a polygraph exam to attempt to resolve the issue. Before an employee is asked to take a polygraph exam, the employer must fully comply with the rules and regulations of the EPPA.

According to the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988, an employer can request an employee take a polygraph exam after certain criteria have been met.
  1. The incident must be an ongoing, specific investigation.
  2. The employer needs to have experienced an identifiable economic loss.
  3. A copy of the Employer Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 should be provided to the employee.
  4. A Notice of Investigation should be prepared and read to the employee and the employee sign, time, and date the notice before a third-party witness. 
  5. The employee must be given 48 hours advanced notice prior to the date and time of the scheduled polygraph exam. (not including weekends and holidays)

    Written directions should be provided if the test is to be conducted at a location other than at the place of employment.
  6. The written notice of the investigation should include:
    1. Identification of the company.
    2. The description of the loss or activity under investigation
    3. The location of the loss
    4. The location of the employee at the time of the incident
    5. The type of economic loss
    6. The amount of the loss
    7. How the employee had access to the loss
    8. What kind of reasonable suspicion there is to suspect the employee
  7. The completed statement MUST be signed by the employer and employee and the form MUST be retained by the employer for at least 3 years. A copy of the Notice of Investigation should be given to the employee.
  8. The employer must conduct an additional interview with the employee after the exam and prior to taking any adverse action.
  9. A record of the investigation, the signed Notice of Investigation, polygraph exam results, and subsequent employer actions if any, are required to be maintained by the employer for 3 years.
  10. Employees may not waive their rights. They are entitled to decline the polygraph exam and seek legal advice. Employees may terminate the exam at any time.

Once it is established all EPPA conditions have been met, Ms. Fegley will meet with the employer to design precisely targeted questions for the exam. More about the EPPA.

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Security Testing

Similar to Law Enforcement Pre-employment Testing, SoCal Professional Polygraph provides pre-employment/screening examinations for: businesses whose primary purpose consists of providing armored car personnel, personnel involved in the design of secure facilities and the security personnel of facilities which have a significant impact on the health or safety of any state. Examples of these facilities would be a nuclear or electric power plant, public waterworks, or toxic waste disposal. Companies which manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled substances. 
SoCal Professional Polygraph conducts all interviews and exams in accordance with the American Disabilities Act and the Employees Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.
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