Polygraph Exam Services For Attorneys

Polygraph can be an invaluable tool for attorneys to use in a variety of legal practices. 

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Criminal Law

Passing a single issue polygraph exam may result in the prosecutor dropping or reducing your client’s charges. Presenting a non-deceptive polygraph to the District Attorney’s office prior to arrest may prevent charges from being filed altogether. Additionally, a passing polygraph carries a lot of weight when negotiating a plea bargain for your client. Naturally, should your client’s polygraph results prove unfavorable, all reference and results of the exam are considered attorney work product and therefore undiscoverable.

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Family Law

Issues of truthfulness and disclosure are paramount to divorce attorneys. Often the simple act of filing for divorce creates strife, discord and anger between the parties. Polygraph examination focused on predicted areas of disagreement can help both parties forgo protracted litigation. Both parties must stipulate to the use of a polygraph exam but any mention of one remains inadmissible in court unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties.
Polygraph testing can be invaluable in divorces where “asset hiding” is suspected. Rather than inflame each party with continued Disclosure Statements and court hearings, a polygraph exam given early on in the proceedings can assist in asset identification and smooth the divorce process. 
When serious accusations such as child neglect, abuse or molest become an issue in child custody matters, polygraph can be a particularly effective tool to quickly confirm or deny the truthfulness of the accusations. Dealing with such issues quickly and effectively with a polygraph exam clarifies the true issues involved in the child custody dispute for both the parties and divorce attorney. 
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Civil Law

Using Polygraph early on in civil proceedings may remove the need for protracted litigation. Parties that stipulate to the use of polygraph for one or more issues in a civil matter can streamline the litigation process or eliminate it altogether. Remember, the use of the polygraph exam results can be shared with all parties but the mention or results of a polygraph exam are not admissible in California courts unless otherwise stipulated.

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Corporate & Business Law

As with all legal practices, the polygraph exam can be a valuable tool in your toolbox when the truth or veracity of an individual is in question. For example, when a dispute or allegation arises with a Board Member or CEO a stipulated polygraph exam can be offered to quickly and efficiently offer clarity and quash possible rumors.

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Immigration and Asylum Issues

Polygraph testing of individuals seeking asylum are used to determine the validity of the claims of the petitioner in federal courts in immigration cases. The statements of the petitioner requesting asylum can be verified by a polygraph examination. The results of the examination can assist the asylum officer and/or immigration judge in making an informed decision regarding granting or withholding asylum.

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